Goin' Postal Franchise Corporation... The New Face of Franchising!™

Goin' Postal Franchise Corporation is proud to be instrumental in changing the way the franchise industry works. Up to this point, franchises, and their associated fees and expenses, have been priced using an arbitrary method basically consisting of "How much should we change for this franchise? Well, looks like a good quarter of a million to me...". We have always thought this method of pricing a product to be unfair to everyone except, the franchisor. Instead, we have taken a great quality product (in this case a franchise brand), calculated how much is costs us to produce that product, and set a price accordingly, so EVERYONE wins.

Thanks to GPFC, gone are the days when you needed to have a huge net worth to start your own successful business. We believe that every American should have the opportunity to own their own business and we intend to make that possible with our new system.

Goin' Postal, Your Friendly Neighborhood Shipping Center™ was our original brand, and now we have several other brands operating, and will be releasing two more new systems in 2010. Our other current brands include einSigns, Hut no. 8, and Sir Face Lift.

GPFC is a franchising company, committed to bringing quality brands to American consumers and businesses. If you have a successful business model we can help you franchise it. Using our already established team of advisors and consultants, legal expertise, distribution channels, and proven track record, we can being your idea to the public at no cost to you.